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Here at Team Optix we use the Java programming language for our robots. When programming robot subsystems you will need to understand Java and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles.
GitHub - Team-Optix-3749/Team3749-2021: 🤖 Team Optix 3749's robot code for the 2021 FIRST® Robotics Competition.
2021 Team Optix 3749 Robot Code
GitHub - Team-Optix-3749/Team3749-2020: 🤖 Awesome robot code for the 2020 FIRST® Robotics Competition.
2020 Team Optix 3749 Robot Code
GitHub - Team-Optix-3749/Team3749-FRC2019: This is Team 3749's command based code for the FRC 2019 season: Deep Space
2019 Team Optix 3749 Robot Code
GitHub - Team-Optix-3749/Team3749-FRC2018: The code for Team Optix 3749's robot in the 2018 FRC Season.
2018 Team Optix 3749 Robot Code
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